Microsoft to launch TEAMS – a Slack competitor.

Microsoft will be launching a new application next week. TEAMS will be the latest addition to Office 365 and it will be a messaging app that allows work teams to collaborate and communicate effectively. A Slack Alternative Slack is a very popular messaging app that has reduced the reliance of email amoung employees. It is…

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TELUS introduces Canada’s first Online Internet of Things (IoT) marketplace

Telus launches first IoT Marketplace in Canada

Canadian Business has been slow to warm up to Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. Canadian companies have been slow to adopt Machine to Machine wireless technology. Despite all the promise that the technology offers for improved efficiency and increased profits, the market for connected devices has not had significant growth. The market adoption is slow…

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Distracted Driving Law in BC

Hands Free Driving Laws in BC

Why is British Columbia cracking down on distracted driving?      Distracted driving causes more fatalities than drunk driving and is the 2nd leading cause of death in motor vehicle accidents. Speeding takes the number 1 spot. More than 50 000 distracted driving tickets were issued in 2013.   The British Columbia Hands Free Driving Legislation…

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Ask SIRI to read text messages while driving.

Can SIRI read SMS Messages while driving?

Do you use your iPhone while driving?

Did you know that SIRI can read your SMS messages and emails to you?

Be safe, don’t read your messages while driving.

Read this article to learn how to safely get your messages while on the road!

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Shaw to Launch city wide WIFI networks

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Shaw abandons plans to launch mobile phone network and opts for wifi instead Shaw Communications has taken a pounding in their core business by new entrant in the TV market, Telus. TELUS launched its Optik TV platform a couple of years ago and has run a very successful campaign luring…

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Set Up Your Shaw E-Mail on your Android Phone

Having trouble setting up your Shaw Email address on your Android Smart Phone? These instructions should help you get your shaw email to work on your Google Android phone. Get your shaw email on your Android phone in 10 easy steps!

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Kobo Touch e-Reader

The Kobo Reader

The Kobo Touch e-Reader!

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motorola xoom

Android Honeycomb Tablet With the entire consumer electronics industry collectively diving into the tablet market we are being flooded with a variety of devices and options to choose from. One of the latest and greatest devices to launch is the Motorola Xoom. The Xoom sports Android version 3.0, also known as Honeycomb which is the…

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How to Sync your iPhone with Outlook or Google?

How to sync your iPhone with Outlook and Google? Follow these instructions and you’ll be all synced up and ready to rock and roll!

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Sync your Gmail Calendar with Outlook

One of the benefits of using a Blackberry device is that it is easy to sync your Blackberry Contacts and Calendar with Outlook. The Blackberry Desktop Software allows you to set up two way sync between your Blackberry and your Outlook on your desktop or laptop computer. This is particularly important to non tech-savy Small…

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