Ask SIRI to read text messages while driving.

Can SIRI read SMS Messages while driving?

Do you use your iPhone while driving?

Did you know that SIRI can read your SMS messages and emails to you?

Be safe, don’t read your messages while driving.

Read this article to learn how to safely get your messages while on the road!

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How to Sync your iPhone with Outlook or Google?

How to sync your iPhone with Outlook and Google? Follow these instructions and you’ll be all synced up and ready to rock and roll!

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Telus APN Cellular Data Network Settings for Unlocked Non Telus iPhone

Non Telus iPhone data connection on Telus

If you have an unlocked non-Telus iPhone or a jailbroken iPhone that is not connecting to the Telus data network then you need to manually enter the Cellular Data Network settings into your phone. Read these instructions and enter these values into your iPhone and you should be good to go!

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Set up your Shaw Email on your TELUS iPhone

set up email on Telus iPHone

Having trouble setting up your SHAW.CA email on your TELUS Mobility iPhone? Shaw email can be tricky to set up on any device. Follow these instructions to set up your email to your iphone and you should be back in business quickly. The shaw server settings for your Telus iphone are easy to set up if you know what you are doing and after you read this article… you will!

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