The Kobo E-Reader

The Kobo Reader Touch is the e-Reader I use. I like the size and weight and when used with the leather bound case it literally feels just like a book.

The touch screen is responsive and rarely results in a missed page turn. All that is missing from the reading experience with The Kobo Reader (and all e-readers for that matter) is the ink and paper smell.

Oh… and if it is a library book the risk of bed bug eggs is absent as well. ;).

This digital reader features built-in wireless networking for connection to the Internet without wires and preloaded eBooks so you can enjoy reading while you’re on the go.

Having built in WIFI access on an e-reader is a major convenience. While at the airport I was able to download a couple books for the flight without having to tether to my computer. Definitely a must have! The Kobo Touch e-Reader doesn’t have a 3G connection to access the internet outside of a hotspot.


  • Features: Memory Expansion Slot, E- Reader Sync, Internet Browser, Wireless, Auto Shutoff, Auto Scroll, Dictionary
  • Built-In Memory Storage Capacity: 2GB (more than 1,000 ebook storage capacity)
  • Display Features: 6″ E-Ink Display; Maximum Resolution: 600 x 800
  • USB 2.0; MicroSD Card Slot; Wireless Standard: IEEE 802.11b/g/n
  • Battery Charge Life: Up to 2 weeks; 1 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty
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price 129.00 5.21 2.99
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I enjoy reading books using an e-reader. I thought I might miss the feel and smell of a physical book but once I start reading the electronic ink actually looks like paper. And with the leather case on the Kobo it literally feels like a book. Love it!

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    • Susie86

      Built in Wifi is a must with e-books. It’s graet being able to download a book when you want, like you did at the airport.

    • podcasthero

      @Susie86 Yes, without WiFi an e-reader is not as cool. Need to be able to get books on the go. Impulse buys can be fun!

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