Canadian Business has been slow to warm up to Internet of Things (IoT) solutions.

Canadian companies have been slow to adopt Machine to Machine wireless technology. Despite all the promise that the technology offers for improved efficiency and increased profits, the market for connected devices has not had significant growth. The market adoption is slow even though the Internet of Things (IoT) is a huge tech buzzword.

TELUS introduces IoT Online Marketplace

In order to take a leadership position in the IoT market, TELUS has created an online Internet of Things marketplace. It is the first online marketplace in Canada that features technology from cutting edge IoT solution providers.

At its launch the IoT marketplace includes solutions for industries such as fleet management, restaurant management, retail, construction, pipeline safety and more. There are 38 individual solutions in the marketplace.
The goal of the marketplace is to make it easy for businesses to discover oportunities to use IoT solutions in their operations.

Some examples of IoT solutions in the TELUS marketplace:

ScreenScape Connect allows you to turn any TV with an HDMI port into a digital sign which will display any message you like. A great solution for promotional messages in high trafficked business.

Think!Wireless is a solutions provider that can help a business optimize its retail traffic patterns inside its store. By knowing the flow of traffic through a retail store a business can maximize their merchandising effectiveness and improve security and reduce losses from theft.

CommandWear is situational awareness platform that allows you to monitor your team and communicate with them in real time. The data is saved and the situation can be reviewed at a later time.

SensorSuite provides a complete solution for monitoring your building. The temperature, air quality, energy, service and security. This solution offers improved building management to property managers.

blueRover offers a solution to the restaurant industry which gives managers real time access to information about their locations. The SafeFood application can monitor air temperature, food temperature, humidity, handheld temperature probes, deep fryers, dishwasher temperature, doors opening and closing and water flow of sinks. This information makes complying with food safety regulations easier.

To see the other solutions available from Telus go to the Telus IoT Marketplace.