How to set up your Shaw e-mail on your Android Phone?

Shaw email can be tricky to set up on any mobile device. I have had a huge response from the “How to Set Up your Shaw e-mail on your Telus iPhone” post so I decided to put up instructions on how to do the same on an Android phone.

Different versions of the Android OS may have slightly different instructions due to minor changes to the menu and manufacturers overlay. However, it should be very similar to this procedure.

These are the instructions for setting up your Shaw email on your Android phone

Shaw Email Setup for Android Smartphone

1. Select the Application icon which should be on the bottom right side of the screen.

2. Select the Email Icon.

3. If you are setting up an email account for the first time the email setup screen will appear. If your shawmail account is not the first email account on your android phone then press menu and choose “Add Account”.

4. In the first box enter your Shaw Email Address

5. the second box enter your Shaw Email Password

6. the bottom of the screen you have two options: Manual Setup and Next. Choose Manual Setup.

7. Choose POP3 Account and enter the following values into the fields.

Username – Enter your full email address.
Password – Enter your email account password.
POP server –
Port – 110
Security type – None

8. Select Next.

The device will connect to the internet and check your incoming settings.
On the Outgoing server settings screen, enter the following values into the appropriate fields.

SMTP server –
Port – 587
Security – TLS (accept all certificates)
Note: Ensure Port is still 587.

9. Select Require sign-in checkbox.
In the Username box, enter your full email address.
In the Password box, enter your email account password.
Select the Next button. The device will connect to the Internet and check your outgoing settings.

10. On the Account options screen, select your Email checking frequency.
Note: Changing frequency will impact battery life. The more frequently you have your phone check for new emails the more it will use your battery.
Under Notify me when email arrives checkbox to see an alert on the status bar when you have new email.

Name your account Shaw Email or another name if you prefer.
Enter your name as you want it displayed in email.

And… Bingo… you’ve got mail.

Let me know in the comments if this works for you!

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