Research in Motion (RIM) is rumored to be unveiling its highly anticipated new tablet in San Francisco next week. RIM is expected to show off the device at a developers conference and name being thrown around right now is the BlackPad! Well… iPad, BlackPad, why not? Another silly name but it works for me.

The success of the iPad in the tablet market is causing other manufacturers to jump into this lucrative new segment. Apple effectively created the category when they unveiled the popular iPad but competition is a great thing and there are about to be a string of new innovative devices hitting the market. There has been a lot of talk about the Samsung Galaxy Tab recently but lets keep our focus on the news about a potential BlackPad launch…

Research in Motion has not officially confirmed the device launch but it seems that the device will be a seven inch touch screen with a camera ( possibly a front and back facing camera ), wifi and bluetooth connectivity and a new operating system!
This new operating system was developed by QNX Software which was purchased by RIM earlier this year. There is also a rumor that this new QNX OS will replace the successful Blackberry OS. If this is true it will be interesting to see how the new OS compares to the iPhone or Google Android OS. Blackberry has traditionally dominated the enterprise market but has lost a lot of market share in the consumer category. This new OS could put them back in the game in the consumer smart phone market.

Industry analysts are suggesting that RIM should focus their BlackPad tablet on the enterprise segment and not try to clone or compete directly with the iPad. If they differentiate their tablet as a business tool and not as an entertainment device or content consumption device. Analysts are saying that Research In Motion should gear their tab towards content creation.

The questions still remain. Will there be a front facing camera which would allow video conferencing? Will it be 3G? There are rumors that the only way to connect the device to a 3G network is with a tethered Blackberry device. Will the new OS be capable of rivaling iPad or Android? And finally what will the BlackPad cost?

Only time will tell… We’re looking forward to hearing more about the BlackPad soon.