Top 10 reasons why I love my Windows Phone 7!

What? I love a Windows Phone!

I’ve been using the HTC Surround for several months now and I am happy to report that despite a few glitches and short comings it is a pretty good device.

It is fast and responsive, easy to use, loaded with features and is actually a little cool!

I’ve been a Windows Mobile hater for years now because…

  • I hate to use a stylus (or grow a long finger nail) to use the phone
  • I can’t stand having to manually force close applications to stop my phone from freezing up
  • I don’t like overly complicated and confusing devices
  • The applications were limited and spread out all over the internet and were hard to find
  • It just wasn’t cool since the iPhone and Android platforms came out

Back when the only smart phone options were Windows Mobile and Palm it was an acceptable device. But when Apple launched the iPhone they changed the game. And google played the game with Android but Windows Mobile stayed on the sidelines and suffered the consequences.

When I heard about Windows Phone 7 being a complete re-design from the ground up I was skeptical that Microsoft would be able to pull off an innovative and cool device. But low and behold… they did almost everything right!

Here are the TOP 10 reasons why I love my Windows Phone 7!

  1. No Multi Tasking
  2. Heat Sensitive Touch Screen
  3. Cool and Fresh User Interface
  4. Integrated Mobile Office Suite
  5. X-Box integration
  6. Zune Player for Podcasts and Music
  7. Visually Appealing Apps
  8. Simple and Easy to Use
  9. Organized around Hubs
  10. Multiple Exchange Email Support

So you may be wondering about a few of these. I’ll explain each one in detail now…

No Multi-Tasking On Windows Phone 7

Why would no Multi-Tasking be a good thing?

Shouldn’t that be on the list of things I hate about Windows Phone 7 instead? Noooooooo! Anyone who has used a Windows Mobile Device will appreciate what I’m saying here.

The old Windows Phones had true multi tasking. In fact, every program or application you opened would stay open in the background until you went into the system and killed it… This created a situation where the phone was constantly getting bogged down with running programs and Ahhhhhh!

So, when I heard that Microsoft would not be supporting Multi-Tasking in Windows Phone 7 it gave me more confidence in the product. The last thing Microsoft wants to do is introduce a product that has a freezing / locking up issue (again). They only get one chance to win back consumers so they better do it right.

I believe that not supporting multi-tasking is the right choice for the first version of Windows Phone 7. They will implement it once they know it is working properly, I’m sure.

Heat Sensitive Touch Screen on Windows Phone 7

I am very happy with the new “heat sensitive” touch screen on my HTC Surround.

Using a stylus on a smart phone is not a pleasant experience for me. With a stylus you can’t use the phone with one hand like you can with a heat sensitive touch screen. The downside of course is when your wearing gloves the touch screen won’t work. So if you wear gloves all the time then your out of luck with the new phone. Unless of course you cut the tip off the fingers of your gloves.

Cool and Fresh User Interface on Windows Phone 7

Creating a new user interface from scratch is a big job. And I didn’t think Microsoft would be able to bring out a platform that would compete with the iOS or Android. But they did it!

The WP7 interface is fresh, cool and innovative. The “live tiles” is a differentiator from other smart phones and the overall speed and simplicity of the device makes for a pleasurable experience navigating the phone. It is intuitive and easy to use. Top marks from me for the UI.

Integrated Mobile Office Suite included in Windows Phone 7

The new Windows Phone 7 platform includes Microsoft Office Mobile Edition. Familiar programs like Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point are native to the phone. You don’t need to download a documents app to read, edit and / or create documents in Windows Phone 7. Microsoft One Note is also included which is a handy application although I personally don’t use it. I prefer Evernote although the evernote application is NOT available on Windows Phone 7 as I write this :(. But it is coming soon :).

X-Box Mobile included in Windows Phone 7

For me, X-Box Mobile is not a big deal but for some people this is an awesome feature of WP7. Gamers can use their X-Box Avatars in Windows Phone 7 and earn achievements and badges, etc. I’ve been trying some of the games on my HTC Surround and they are very cool.

Zune Player in Windows Phone 7

Having a Zune player is awesome if you listen to podcasts.

When I had my iPhone it synced seamlessly. New podcasts come and played podcasts go automatically. Then I defected to Android and the new podcasts would come to the phone but the old podcasts stayed on the phone. The problem is the Android audio player does not mark the file as played. A big pain in the butt to manually delete every listened to podcast episode. If your like me and listen to a ton of podcasts it is a big deal and a major problem.

Since I’ve had my WP7 with Zune it has worked perfectly. New podcasts come in and old episodes automatically are removed. Perfect!

My only complaint is the Zune Marketplace in Canada does not have Podcast search available. It is coming soon but for now we have to enter the RSS feed manually. Not convenient but hopefully only a temporary situation.

All in all… great to have a Zune player in the device.

Visually Appealing Apps in Windows Phone 7

The apps in Windows Phone 7 are visually stunning. When I saw the IMDb app on WP7 I was blown away. It is a great looking app and is easy to navigate. Other apps have the same qualities. I’m very happy with the apps so far. Although I have a few complaints ( availability of apps and price ) but that is a top for another post!

Windows Phone 7 is Simple and Easy to use!

One of the best features of the Windows Phone 7 is its ease of use. Leo Laporte said the Windows Phone 7 is the first smart phone that he would recommend to his mother. I have no problem recommending a Windows Phone 7 to a technophobe because it literally is easy to use.

Windows Phone 7 is organized around Hubs

Hubs help keep everything organized and easy to navigate.

The Hubs include People, Music and video, Photos, Games and Office. No matter where you go within the phone it is always easy to get into one of the hubs.

The people hub, for example, pulls information from facebook and allows users to respond and interact with people from within the People Hub. Very cool! Information is updated “live” so you know you are always getting up to date info on your contacts. The phone is well organized and user friendly.

Windows Phone 7 has Multiple Exchange Server support

This is great if you have a gmail account, msn or hotmail, corporate exchange server email or other exchange supported email accounts. You can sync emails (push), calendars and other content using Microsoft Exchange Server. Awesome to have on the phone!

So, that is it. The Top 10 reasons why I love my Windows Phone 7… of course there are some shortcomings to this phone and some reasons why I don’t like the phone. Stay tuned for another post where I go over the top things I don’t like about the phone.

Do you have a Windows Phone? What do you like (or dislike) about Windows Phone 7 ?

Leave your comment below…

Blackberry set to launch iPad killer? The BlackPad Cometh!

Research in Motion (RIM) is rumored to be unveiling its highly anticipated new tablet in San Francisco next week. RIM is expected to show off the device at a developers conference and name being thrown around right now is the BlackPad! Well… iPad, BlackPad, why not? Another silly name but it works for me.

The success of the iPad in the tablet market is causing other manufacturers to jump into this lucrative new segment. Apple effectively created the category when they unveiled the popular iPad but competition is a great thing and there are about to be a string of new innovative devices hitting the market. There has been a lot of talk about the Samsung Galaxy Tab recently but lets keep our focus on the news about a potential BlackPad launch…

Research in Motion has not officially confirmed the device launch but it seems that the device will be a seven inch touch screen with a camera ( possibly a front and back facing camera ), wifi and bluetooth connectivity and a new operating system!
This new operating system was developed by QNX Software which was purchased by RIM earlier this year. There is also a rumor that this new QNX OS will replace the successful Blackberry OS. If this is true it will be interesting to see how the new OS compares to the iPhone or Google Android OS. Blackberry has traditionally dominated the enterprise market but has lost a lot of market share in the consumer category. This new OS could put them back in the game in the consumer smart phone market.

Industry analysts are suggesting that RIM should focus their BlackPad tablet on the enterprise segment and not try to clone or compete directly with the iPad. If they differentiate their tablet as a business tool and not as an entertainment device or content consumption device. Analysts are saying that Research In Motion should gear their tab towards content creation.

The questions still remain. Will there be a front facing camera which would allow video conferencing? Will it be 3G? There are rumors that the only way to connect the device to a 3G network is with a tethered Blackberry device. Will the new OS be capable of rivaling iPad or Android? And finally what will the BlackPad cost?

Only time will tell… We’re looking forward to hearing more about the BlackPad soon.

Telus APN Cellular Data Network Settings for Unlocked Non Telus iPhone

TELUS APN Setup for unlocked IPHONE

Unlocked Non Telus iPhone not connecting to the internet

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I recently helped someone with an unlocked non Telus iPhone. The iPhone would not connect to the network for data. The phone displayed a message that the customer is not subscribed to a data plan. The customer definitely had a data plan. The problem was there was no settings for the Cellular Data Network. All the fields were blank. To get your non-Telus Unlocked iPhone to work with your Telus Data plan you need to enter the following settings in the Cellular Data Network Settings.

Go to Settings > General > Network > Cellular Data Network and enter in the following:

username/password: LEAVE BLANK
username/password: LEAVE BLANK

Once these settings are entered back out to the home screen and open safari… and you should be surfing!

Set up your Shaw Email on your TELUS iPhone

Shaw server settings for iphone

Are you having dificulty getting your shaw email account set up on your iPhone from TELUS?
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If you are a Shaw Internet customer and use an Android Phone I have another article describing How to set up your Shaw e-mail on your Android Smartphone.

These instructions are for setting up a shaw email address on your Telus Mobility iphone.

If your shaw email is the first email address you are setting up on this iphone then press the mail icon at the bottom of your iphone.

If your email is NOT the first email address you are setting up in your TELUS iphone then press the settings icon, next select the Mail, Contacts, Calendars icon, now select Add Account…

The iphone will now display some email options. Select Other

Fill out the fields: Name, Address, Password and Description.

Name: The name you want people to see when you send them email.
Address:Your email address you want to add to your iphone
Password: This is your shaw email password. The same one you use to access shaw web mail.
Description: Just for you to differentiate different email addresses in your TELUS iPhone.

Once the fields are entered press SAVE.


Select POP (not IMAP) type of an account

You should see the Name, Address and Description you entered in the previous step.

Incoming Mail Server for Shaw Email on your TELUS iphone:

– Host Name:

– User Name: user (the text before the
– Password: the password you use to check email from your mail account with

Outgoing Mail Server on for your TELUS iPhone:


User Name: blank – optional (do not enter anything here)
Password: blank – optional (do not enter anything here)

Use SSL: set to OFF
– Authentication: leave at default Password
– Server Port: set to 25

Note: the Incoming Server Port is 110; outgoing is 25

If this works let me know in the comment section below… if not let me know and I’ll try to help.

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Another solution would be to switch to Telus Optik High Speed Internet and Optik TV!

TELUS is offering incentives to switch to Optik TV and Internet including:

  • FREE Bluetooth Headset for Mobile Tech Weekly readers!
  • And more…

* some conditions apply
** some offers can not be stacked

Nokia N8 with Symbian^3

Introducing the new Nokia N8 with Symbian^3!

The worlds first Symbian^3 device!

The Nokia N8 captures unbelievable pictures with the best optics ever seen on a mobile device! 12 Mega Pixel Camera with 28 mm wide angle optics from Carl Zeiss, Xenon Flash, great on device editing features and it includes face detection!

High Def filming in 720p makes your videos crystal clear even on your home big screen TV! And with the HDMI connection and Dolbi Digital Surround Sound your audio will sound awesome from your Nokia N8…

Upload your photos straight to facebook and add facebook events to the N8 calendar. See live updates, tweets and more social media alerts live on your home screen.

With multiple home screens personalizing your Nokia N8 is easy

Ovi Maps look great on the Nokia N8 3.5″ screen. Free lifetime navigation – you’ll never get lost again.

Web pages load fast and with full flash support you will see websites the way your supposed to see them.

Get the latest news and entertainment with Web TV…
Play great games with the 3D Graphic capability of the Nokia N8 – taking gaming to the next level!

Music lovers will want the Nokia N8. With over 2 days worth of music play time. 16 GB on board memory and room for up to 48 GB expanded memory this phone is your music device dream come true! Amazing Audio Quality.

Removing IT Policy from Blackberry

Removal of BlackBerry Policy

If you purchased a Blackberry from Craiglist, Ebay or a friend only to find that some of it’s functionality is blocked by a Blackberry Enterprise Server
( BES ) IT Policy, then you know how frustrating it can be to remove the BES IT Policy from your Blackberry.

Some of the restrictions that an IT Policy may cause:

  • Disabling the ability to remove your password
  • Blocking games like Texas Holdem from the device
  • Cool applications like google maps may be blocked
  • And other annoying restrictions…

A quick check to see if your BB is under IT policy can be done by going to Options/Security on your Device. If you see any references to IT Policy whatsoever, then you have a potentially restrictive IT Policy.

It is possible to remove the IT Policy from your blackberry. You can take it to a dealer or a blackberry retailer and pay a $25 fee for them to do it for you…. OR you can follow the directions below to remove the IT POLICY from your blackberry yourself.

STEP by STEP Instructions to REMOVE Blackberry IT Policies

The first step to get rid of IT Policies on your Blackberry is to WIPE the device:

If you know the password:

#1. Back up your device using the Blackberry Desktop Software. Connect your device and click Back Up and Restore. Follow the instructions to back up the information you want to keep on your device. To be safe, remove all removable media (SD memory cards) from the device).

#2 – WIPE your Blackberry.

From the main home screen on your Blackberry – Options (The Wrench) – Security Options – General Settings – click the optical pad, track ball or wheel and select “Wipe Handheld” – follow the verification instructions on screen.
These instructions may vary slightly per device model.

If you don’t know the password:

Unfortunately, you will not be able to back up your Blackberry if you don’t know the old password. You will need to force the unit to wipe itself by entering the wrong password 10 times. You will be prompted to enter “blackberry” a couple of times before the phone WIPES itself. The Blackberry asks you to type “blackberry” to ensure it isn’t an accidental pocket dial or something causing the incorrect password entries.

Once the phone starts to wipe, it will take a few minutes to complete the process. When the device resets, it will ask you to enter a new password.
DO NOT enter a new password. Leave the phone as it is for now…

… after wiping the device is finished:

On your home PC or laptop (not a Work PC or you may reload the BES IT Policy)

    1. If you haven’t installed the Blackberry Desktop software on your computer do so now. Follow the instructions and choose the Blackberry Internet Service option (BIS)->NOT the Blackberry Enterprise Server Option (BES).
      If you already have the Blackberry Desktop software installed but you don’t know if it is set up for the BIS or BES, then uninstall and reinstall it choosing the BIS option.If you don’t have the Software or CD it can be downloaded from your cellular provider or from
    2. Download these two files – policy.bin and policy.reg to the root of your C:\ drive. (The policy.reg file is pointing to C:\ so the files must be there for this process to work)
    3. Make sure the Blackberry Desktop Software is NOT open.
    4. Click the Windows START button and select RUN and type in c:\policy.reg and say YES to confirm importing into the registry. This tells the Blackberry desktop manager to force down the new policy.bin the next time a virgin (wiped) handheld is connected.
    5. Run Blackberry desktop manager.
    6. Reconnect the device via USB. Say “Yes” to any warnings on the desktop and handheld.
    7. You are finished! You should be able to confirm that the policy is gone by going into Options – Security Options – General – and about half way down you can just make sure you don’t see any reference to your old corporate IT Policy.

You will now be able to disable the lock feature, run games and applications and do what other Blackberry users can do with their devices now that your device is free!

Important: If you’re still connected to a company BES, and are using this procedure to bypass your company security policies so you can install the latest and greatest third party application, then I would recommend that you do not proceed. Talk to your BES administrators and ask them to grant you the appropriate rights.
If you follow these instructions, whenever you reconnect to the company server, your security settings will revert back to how they were. Also, by violating your company IT Policy you may make your IT Department and your Boss very angry

Hover Detection Technology coming to Smart Phone Touch Screens Soon.

TrueTouch technology by Cypress Semiconductor just got much better. The technology will allow a device to sense when a finger (or fingers) is hovering over the display. It will know not only that the finger is there but at what distance it is from the screen and can distinguish between hover and touch. The applications for this are very cool. The most obvious application for hover technology on a touch screen device is the mouse over.
On a device with a relatively small screen this application could magnify sections of the screen which are hovered over. Or bring up more information relative to an image or headline which is being hovered over. By adding mouseover features to a touch screen it will improve the user interface and create the familiar web browsing experience for smaller touch screen devices.

Cypress Semiconductor is hoping to have the technology in customers hands in a few months.
Watch the video above to get an idea of how this technology will take touch screen devices to the next level.

Android Apps – Now over 50 000

The app race is on – The Android Markeplace is a contender!

source: androidpolice

Move over Apple Appstore, the android marketplace is growing up. Apple’s Appstore on iTunes has been the king of Smart Phone Applications with over 100 000 applications available. Only 12 months ago the Android Market had less than 3000 apps compared to AppStore’s 35000 at that time. With developers seriously responding to the Android platform (producing more than 8000 apps per month) Android should break the 100 000 mark around Semptember. Whatever you want to do, soon there will be an Android App for that! If there isn’t already.

source: androidpolice

Add to this the fact that Apple has rejected Adobe technology on their devices, opting instead for html 5 to bring the functionality that flash or adobe air can bring to a device. Adobe, shut out from the iphone and ipad is pushing aggressively to port the technology into googles adroid OS. There are a lot of really cool Adobe Air applications like Tweet Deck for example. These apps will be a great addition to the Android Marketplace and may give Google a competitive advantage against Apple in the App market.

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