Sometimes the simplest thing can seem so complicated. All I want is my Outlook to communicate with my iphone and Google Account so everything syncs up and is current. Follow these instructions and you should be good to go!

How do I sync my iPhone with Microsoft Outlook?

First, you need to make sure you have the latest version of iTunes. To do that click on “Help” and “Check for Updates” Once you have the newest version of iTunes…

Plug in your iPhone to your computer using your USB cable and iTunes will launch and connect to your iPhone.

Now, click on iPhone on the left side of the iTunes interface and select the info tab. Pick Outlook in the “Sync contacts from” drop down menu. The other options are Google Contacts, Yahoo Address Book and Windows Address Book. For outlook you can choose which groups you would like to sync.

You will have two Sync Options to choose from: Merge or Replace entries which iTunes determines are duplicates. The resulting sync may contain duplicates that you can manually deal with if you don’t want to risk losing data by merging or replacing the duplicates.

How do I sync my iPhone with gmail contacts and calendars?

To sync your Google Calendar and Contacts with your iPhone you can set up your gmail account as an exchange email account. To do this enter your email information as usual but for the exchange server setting choose Choose Contacts and Calendars when prompted for what you want to sync. Your gmail contacts, calendars and email will then sync with your iPhone.

The other way is to set this sync option up in iTunes just as in the instructions above for Outlook. The only difference is you will choose Google or Gmail and then enter your google id and password when prompted.

To sync your google calendar with outlook you can also use Google Calendar Sync which I covered in a previous post.


Let me know if this worked for you in the comments below…

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    • BlackCharlie

      Using USB cable to sync iPhone with Outlook seems obsolete. For me, I would rather go for wireless solution. Since iPhone supports Yahoo!, Gmail and iCloud natively, the solution, called EVO Collaborator for Outlook, that I found when Google Calendar Sync was terminated back in 8/1/2015 happens to cover all of them under Outlook. That is a blog talking about all sorts of calendar and contact syncing with Outlook. Maybe you can find what you exactly want.

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