Shaw server settings for iphone

Are you having dificulty getting your shaw email account set up on your iPhone from TELUS?
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If you are a Shaw Internet customer and use an Android Phone I have another article describing How to set up your Shaw e-mail on your Android Smartphone.

These instructions are for setting up a shaw email address on your Telus Mobility iphone.

If your shaw email is the first email address you are setting up on this iphone then press the mail icon at the bottom of your iphone.

If your email is NOT the first email address you are setting up in your TELUS iphone then press the settings icon, next select the Mail, Contacts, Calendars icon, now select Add Account…

The iphone will now display some email options. Select Other

Fill out the fields: Name, Address, Password and Description.

Name: The name you want people to see when you send them email.
Address:Your email address you want to add to your iphone
Password: This is your shaw email password. The same one you use to access shaw web mail.
Description: Just for you to differentiate different email addresses in your TELUS iPhone.

Once the fields are entered press SAVE.


Select POP (not IMAP) type of an account

You should see the Name, Address and Description you entered in the previous step.

Incoming Mail Server for Shaw Email on your TELUS iphone:

– Host Name:

– User Name: user (the text before the
– Password: the password you use to check email from your mail account with

Outgoing Mail Server on for your TELUS iPhone:


User Name: blank – optional (do not enter anything here)
Password: blank – optional (do not enter anything here)

Use SSL: set to OFF
– Authentication: leave at default Password
– Server Port: set to 25

Note: the Incoming Server Port is 110; outgoing is 25

If this works let me know in the comment section below… if not let me know and I’ll try to help.

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    83 replies to "Set up your Shaw Email on your TELUS iPhone"

    • Curtis

      I have the same problem

    • Andrew

      This is another common problem with Shaw email. The wifi won't work because the outgoing server setting is wrong. You can add the outgoing shaw server setting as a secondary server. I'd actually recommend using gmail for your second outgoing server.

    • Andrew

      Are you using your shaw wifi when you get this message? If so add an additional outgoing mail server. Either Shaw or another provider like gmail. I actually prefer gmail.
      It should work over 3G if you followed these instructions.

    • Andrew

      Use a secondary outgoing server like gmail. If you don't already have a gmail account you can set one up and use the gmail outgoing server. Then when your on wifi it will use gmail and should work fine

    • Ve6hu

      Thanks a Million played for days it works great

    • Andrew

      Glad it worked for you!

    • Andrew

      It’s nice to get your email isn’t it! 🙂

    • Andrew

      Glad you were able to fix it using this page!

    • Andrew

      Your Welcome!

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    • sm

      I have been trying to solve my incoming e-mail issue on my i-phone for 3 days between Apple, shaw and Telus. I find this site and within minutes it is resolved.

    • Andrew

      Glad it worked for you! 

    • Chrisjletki

      Why have that stupid floating social media like dislike crap over the article? Gj on the mobile hindsight.

    • Apartridge

      endless “verifying” loop

    • Marrjordan

      Worked. Shaw’s support and instructions are the shits. Your instructions worked perfectly. Thanks.

    • Andrew

      Awesome… good to hear!

    • Andrew

      Sometimes you need to try it a few times for it to “click”

    • Andrew

      Thanks for the heads up on the sharebar… I’m going to look into another option that works better with mobile devices.

    • podcasthero

      I switched to the sexy bookmarks plugin which will not be in the way of the content on a mobile phone. Thanks.

    • Chrismcw

      I still can’t send email?! 🙁

    • Chrismcw

      I still can’t send emails?!:(

    • Wadhead

      I couldn’t send a mail from my Shaw account after updating the OS last month. I went overseas right after without testing to make sure everything worked and assumed I was having troubles because of travel. Got home and still not working Went in and changed the settings as suggested and no problems now. Guess a couple of lessons too – don’t update when you are about to go away and always test your phone after updating.


    • podcasthero

      @Chrismcw Are you trying to send emails over 3G or your shaw wifi?

    • podcasthero

      @Wadhead Great to hear it is working for you!

    • podcasthero

      Did you try it a few times. I find that it doesn’t always work the first or even second time.

    • dawnmm

      This worked when I first tested it but now it won’ send emails. Says”outgoing server failed

    • Wadhead

      Stopped working almost instantly. Went back to and seems to be working – for now.

    • podcasthero

      Is it failing while your on wifi or on 3G? @dawnmm

    • podcasthero

      @Wadhead Interesting… generally I use with success.

    • Wadhead

      @podcasthero@Wadhead Been working fine using to send – will be interesting to see if it works when I go to Middle East next week.

    • punker101

      A better way 🙂

    • JanAtkinson

      WorkedBrilliantly, I’ve always been able to receive mail but not able to send. After setting it up folowing your instrudtions, I was initially disappointed that I still wasn’t able to send mail but after reading through the comments and seeing your question asking if it was sent using wifi or 3G, I changed to 3G and sent my first email after owning this phone for 4 years.
      Have you thought of add the suggestion to use 3G if it’s not working in a troubleshooting section after the instructions for those who don’t think to read comments?
      Thanks for providing the clear instructions that shaw wasn’t able to provide it’s clients.

    • Karyn kerr

      I have set my shaw email on my new iphone and it says i have 168 new messages, but i can’t view them? When i press on mail it goes straight to the welcome to mail page. Not sure if i set it up right?

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