Shaw server settings for iphone

Are you having dificulty getting your shaw email account set up on your iPhone from TELUS?
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If you are a Shaw Internet customer and use an Android Phone I have another article describing How to set up your Shaw e-mail on your Android Smartphone.

These instructions are for setting up a shaw email address on your Telus Mobility iphone.

If your shaw email is the first email address you are setting up on this iphone then press the mail icon at the bottom of your iphone.

If your email is NOT the first email address you are setting up in your TELUS iphone then press the settings icon, next select the Mail, Contacts, Calendars icon, now select Add Account…

The iphone will now display some email options. Select Other

Fill out the fields: Name, Address, Password and Description.

Name: The name you want people to see when you send them email.
Address:Your email address you want to add to your iphone
Password: This is your shaw email password. The same one you use to access shaw web mail.
Description: Just for you to differentiate different email addresses in your TELUS iPhone.

Once the fields are entered press SAVE.


Select POP (not IMAP) type of an account

You should see the Name, Address and Description you entered in the previous step.

Incoming Mail Server for Shaw Email on your TELUS iphone:

– Host Name:

– User Name: user (the text before the
– Password: the password you use to check email from your mail account with

Outgoing Mail Server on for your TELUS iPhone:


User Name: blank – optional (do not enter anything here)
Password: blank – optional (do not enter anything here)

Use SSL: set to OFF
– Authentication: leave at default Password
– Server Port: set to 25

Note: the Incoming Server Port is 110; outgoing is 25

If this works let me know in the comment section below… if not let me know and I’ll try to help.

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    83 replies to "Set up your Shaw Email on your TELUS iPhone"

    • Garyharper

      Good job, Andrew. It worked great!

    • bifftad

      thanks dude!
      too bad the Shaw technical support staff haven't read this…

    • Andrew

      Glad you liked it! It has worked for me every time so far but
      sometimes you have to try it a few times before it takes.

    • Andrew

      Glad it worked for you Gary! Enjoy your iPhone.

    • Celine Chaudhary

      Thank you so much! I finally got it to work after trying for so long and giving up, You're amazing!

    • Andrew

      Glad it worked for you! It is much better when you get your emails on your

    • Drjcv

      hey thanks but during the set up it ends before use ssl: set to off etc. i mean there is no option for that on the iphone after doing the outgoing server

      is that something you do before? i get the error cannot connect using ssl

    • Blbourassa

      holy moly after weeks of not getting emails unless I was checking them while at home it WORKS! Thanks.

    • Andrew

      Ya, it is nice when technology works for you the way it is supposed to!

    • sue

      Hi. I just got an iphone 4 and the telus dude set it up like you suggest. I can receive mail no problem but sometimes when trying to send I get an immediate message “cannot send mail ….. the recipient was rejected by the server”. I have checked to make sure the address is right. Thoughts?

    • Andrew

      Are you using your Wifi connection or 3G when you get that error


      Sent from my Windows Phone From: Disqus

      Sent: Saturday, December 11, 2010 11:53 AM


      Subject: [mobile-tech-weekly] Re: Set up your Shaw Email on your TELUS



    • sue

      Both. I should clarify, if I change the outgoing server to the shaw server then I can send using wifi to send. If it is set to the telus server as outlined in your instructions, I can't send at all on either wifi or 3G. I am not sure if this matters but I cant seem to find anywhere to check if the outgoing port is 25 – it only lists the incoming port which is set to 110.

    • Andrew

      Strange that you can't send email on 3G using Telus outgoing server

      settings! ???

      Try using gmail as the outgoing server. I believe shaw's server will allow

      gmail to send as long as your using gmails outgoing port.

      Use these settings:

      Outgoing Mail Server:

      Server Port: 587

      Use SSL: ON

      Authentication: Password


      Password: userpassword

      If you don't have a gmail account already you will need to set one up. This

      should allow your phone to send when on 3G or on your Shaw wifi.

    • Toyne5

      Thank u, super easy, fixed my outgoing message errors

    • Pmaciuk

      woooo whooo I used this info to set up my Iphone 4 all I needed to change was just the smtp – to and it works. Im also on Fido as an service provider thanks. pm

    • Tammyroberts

      I have all of that set right. I keep getting an error message of Cannot Send Mail- The Connectiuon to the outgoing server “” failed. Additional outgoing Mail Servers can be configured in Settings>Mail, contacts, Calendars.

      What now?

    • Tammyroberts

      I should say I can receive mail just not send it.

    • Double A

      I went through the set up line by line (twice now) and still can't receive or send messages. It's the iphone 4, does that matter?

    • Kmarie

      I tried setting my email up like you said, but it tells me that is not responding. Why is that?

    • Xol

      I just set up the iPhone 4G. It has been driving me crazy for 2 days. I used the for incoming but the outgoing would not work with the Telus smtp. I used on outgoing same as what I have on my computer. The letters between shawmail and shawcable will be specific to your area. I found most of the abbreviations on the following blog http://www.webdevelopersnotes…./.
      I have only tried it using my wifi so I still have to test it away from home but so far the tests have worked and they are going to phone and computer simultaneously. All other instructions above are the same.

    • Monster

      grrr i tried the outgoing server and still doesn't work. I get e-mail no problem but can't send… SHAW and TELUS need to get it together this is so frustrating.

    • Andrew

      Sometimes you have to try a few times for it to work.

    • Andrew

      Are you getting this error while sending mail using 3G or Wifi. If it is your Shaw wifi then we are dealing with a separate issue.

    • Andrew

      Attempt to connect without SSL. If that works then great… if not then there is another issue.

    • Andrew

      Are you using wifi when you can't send email?

    • Andrew

      Did it work while outside your wifi network?

    • Andrew

      No, it shouldn't make a difference. Sometimes it takes several tries for it to “click” and connect with Shaw's server. Contact me if your still having trouble. andrew@mobiletechweekly or @podcasthero on twitter

    • Andrew


    • Andrew


    • Sasssayqt

      i am having the same issue it is telling me that the is not valid

    • ber55

      After many hours of looking, thanks for your help. Worked for me!

    • Hotracer64

      Well, my problem is that it doesn't work through my Shaw Wi-Fi, turn off Wi-Fi and the works fine. You should probably add the Shaw mail server for outgoing email on your wi-fi.

    • Kimberley

      THANK YOU SO MUCH! I have tried to figure this out on my own for years to no avail. I agree with the comment that someone should have shared this with the Telus reps! They had me routing through Gmail, which means that people answer to Gmail as well (which I NEVER check). Gmail also downloaded my entire Inbox (because it was all unread in Gmail), whereas this is correctly only downloading the new mail. It took several tries for me, but it eventually worked. Yeah!!

    • srb

      So much for being user friendly. I am at my wit's end. I have tried just about every outgoing mail server configuration possible to no avail. I can receive shawmail with no difficulty but cannot seem to send anything. Any other suggestions?

    • Elaine

      I am having the same issue…I sent everything up as specified. I am at home so I am using my wifi.  The funny thing is that I actually sent two email..but now it won't work.  Question – on the outgoing mail server shou the 'use SSL' be turned on ??

    • Andrew McGivern

      Are you using 3G or your shaw wifi when trying to send email. If your using the Telus SMTP server settings it should work. SMPT.TELUS.NET. Make sure you use port 25 for the outgoing server setting.

    • Andrew McGivern

      Yes for some reason you have to try it a few times to get it to work. Using gmail is a good option if you want to send email using your Shaw wireless at home. But you only need to use the outgoing server setting and not routing all your email through gmail.

    • Andrew McGivern

      I actually recommend using a gmail outgoing server for shaw wifi… it works great.

    • Andrew McGivern


    • Andrew McGivern

      It should work. Don't use the whole email address as the username and check the port settings. Sometimes you have try it a few times in a row in order for it to “click”.

    • Threerotties

      I have been trying to get my mail working for a month!  Thanks to you, I have success on the 3G network.

      Stacey H.

    • chiqui

      worked for me. Thank you!

    • Andrew


    • Andrew

      Glad that your up and running!

    • Bryen Thibeau

      This did not work. Message says the recipient was rejected by the server because the user is unknown.

    • Mgs20

      Any tips for someone who followed these steps and can receive mail on and off wifi but only send off wifi? Thanks

    • BlondieandGeorge

      Thank you.  Your instructions worked perfectly for me. George

    • Mlauer

      I have been trying for MONTHS to set up my outgoing email on my Iphone.  I have been on hold for hours with Shaw and read a billion sites trying to figure out the problem.  YOUR information worked – THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hatgirl069

       I am only getting a error when I am on the shaw wifi. not when I am on 3g. How can i fix this?

    • Mudge

      Thanks, that worked! Awesome!

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