TELUS APN Setup for unlocked IPHONE

Unlocked Non Telus iPhone not connecting to the internet

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I recently helped someone with an unlocked non Telus iPhone. The iPhone would not connect to the network for data. The phone displayed a message that the customer is not subscribed to a data plan. The customer definitely had a data plan. The problem was there was no settings for the Cellular Data Network. All the fields were blank. To get your non-Telus Unlocked iPhone to work with your Telus Data plan you need to enter the following settings in the Cellular Data Network Settings.

Go to Settings > General > Network > Cellular Data Network and enter in the following:

username/password: LEAVE BLANK
username/password: LEAVE BLANK

Once these settings are entered back out to the home screen and open safari… and you should be surfing!

    10 replies to "Telus APN Cellular Data Network Settings for Unlocked Non Telus iPhone"

    • Waynestractor

      Awesome, it worked…thanks!!!

    • Andrew McGivern

      Glad it worked for you!

    • Clinton_122

      i cant get picture messages ??

    • A-schollig1988

      i can’t send picture messages

    • mobilebooth

      hey glad it worked for you. <a href=””>mobile phone accessories</a>vistt

    • kellyspongberg

      This fix worked for an Unlocked LG-C800G on Telus network, thanks so much!

    • Andrew McGivern

       @kellyspongberg Great! Glad it worked.

    • Andrew McGivern

      If you can’t send picture messages you need to call TELUS customer service and they can fix it from their end.

    • Andrew McGivern

      Telus can definitely fix that from their end. It is probably an easy fix.

    • BrotherQ

      It works great… The only concern I have is will Telly’s be charging me more for doing it…

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