TELUS APN Setup for unlocked IPHONE

Unlocked Non Telus iPhone not connecting to the internet

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I recently helped someone with an unlocked non Telus iPhone. The iPhone would not connect to the network for data. The phone displayed a message that the customer is not subscribed to a data plan. The customer definitely had a data plan. The problem was there was no settings for the Cellular Data Network. All the fields were blank. To get your non-Telus Unlocked iPhone to work with your Telus Data plan you need to enter the following settings in the Cellular Data Network Settings.

Go to Settings > General > Network > Cellular Data Network and enter in the following:

username/password: LEAVE BLANK
username/password: LEAVE BLANK

Once these settings are entered back out to the home screen and open safari… and you should be surfing!

  • Waynestractor

    Awesome, it worked…thanks!!!

  • Glad it worked for you!

  • Clinton_122

    i cant get picture messages ??

  • A-schollig1988

    i can’t send picture messages

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  • kellyspongberg

    This fix worked for an Unlocked LG-C800G on Telus network, thanks so much!

  •  @kellyspongberg Great! Glad it worked.

  • If you can’t send picture messages you need to call TELUS customer service and they can fix it from their end.

  • Telus can definitely fix that from their end. It is probably an easy fix.

  • BrotherQ

    It works great… The only concern I have is will Telly’s be charging me more for doing it…