One of the benefits of using a Blackberry device is that it is easy to sync your Blackberry Contacts and Calendar with Outlook. The Blackberry Desktop Software allows you to set up two way sync between your Blackberry and your Outlook on your desktop or laptop computer.

This is particularly important to non tech-savy Small to Medium Sized Businesses (SMB’s). They are used to using Microsoft Outlook and are not ready or willing to move over entirely to Gmail or Google Apps to handle their contacts and calendar needs.

So when a company is thinking about switching over to Android based phones this a big issue. But there is a solution that works well for syncing your Google Calendar with Outlook and it is free and easy to set up. For Contacts it is a little more complicated and requires a third party application or a subscription to a Google Apps account.

How to sync your Gmail Calendar with Outlook?

To sync your Google Calendar (and thus your Android device Calendar) with Outlook you need to download the Google Calendar Sync Application. It is easy to set up and works well. And it is 100% FREE!

Follow this link to the Google Calendar sync application:

Follow the instructions to install the google calendar sync app and enter your gmail account information and you’ll be good to go!

Syncing Android (Google) Contacts with your Outlook Contacts

So now that you have your Outlook Calendar syncing nicely with your Android phone (and Google Calendar) it is time to do the same with your contacts. The bad news is that a simple free solution is not available from Google and there isn’t much out there for free third party applications either.

If you have an exchange server you will be able to get your Calendar and Contacts syncing via the exchange server. But not all SMB’s have an Exchange Server set up. Some small business owners are looking for an easy and cheap solution to sync their data with Outlook without hiring an IT Professional to manage their small mobile workforce requirements.

How to get my contacts into my Android phone

One solution would be to download the Google Sync app to your current smart phone like a Blackberry and sync your Blackberry Contacts (or other Smart Phone) to Google using this app. This will get your contacts from your smart phone to your Google account and therefore will automatically sync with your Android as well. This option will work to transfer your phone book does not help with ongoing sync between Outlook and your Android phone.

The best solution is to get a Google Apps account. Google Apps is basically a premium Gmail account for business. Google Apps allows you to use your own domain name as your email address and gives you an application similar to the Calendar Application that works for your contacts. A google Apps Account is $50 per year and may be worth the expense if a simple and easy solution is required for your Android phone deployment.

The Google Sync Application for Google Apps is here ->

There are other third party applications to sync your Google Contacts with your Outlook Contacts but personally I favor the Google Apps option. However, I’ll list some of these other solutions for you to decide for yourself.

Sync Google Contacts with OggSync

OggSync is an application that costs $29.99 per year and will sync your Google Contacts and Calendar with Outlook.

OggSync stands for Outlook to multiple Google calendar sync. Also, the term Ogg originates from Ogging. Ogging is a multiplayer online strategy term used for a coordinated attack usually from multiple angles to eliminate a particular problem or threat. In the case of OggSync, the problem is disconnected and compartmentalized scheduling. There is only one of you, so why do you schedule your life on two (or more) calendars? Most people have a work calendar (Microsoft Outlook and Exchange) and a personal calendar (Google Calendar).

You may have other software that you use, if so, send an email to stating which package you use.

OggSync’s mission is to combine both lives into one manageable view! If you are looking at your Outlook calendar, you should see what you have scheduled personally and professionally, so that you can meet commitments in both sides of your life.

Likewise, if you are looking at your Google calendars, you should see your personal events along with any other business commitments you might have.

Please try the 3 day evaluation period, and then register OggSync. Your registration will enable us to improve the software and develop more solutions like this!

Sync Google Contacts with Outlook using GO Contact Sync

GO Contact Sync is an open source google sync tool.

GO Contact Sync is a tool that synchronizes your contacts between Microsoft Outlook and Google Mail, it removes the hassle of entering details more than once.

GO Contact Sync is still in beta and apparently there are frequent error messages when setting it up. If this happens to you try restarting the application which appears to fix the problem.

Hopefully this information is helpful with getting your information organized and readily available to you both while your in the office and on the road.

If you try the GO Contact Sync option I’d love to hear from you. Did this option work well for you?

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