What? I love a Windows Phone!

I’ve been using the HTC Surround for several months now and I am happy to report that despite a few glitches and short comings it is a pretty good device.

It is fast and responsive, easy to use, loaded with features and is actually a little cool!

I’ve been a Windows Mobile hater for years now because…

  • I hate to use a stylus (or grow a long finger nail) to use the phone
  • I can’t stand having to manually force close applications to stop my phone from freezing up
  • I don’t like overly complicated and confusing devices
  • The applications were limited and spread out all over the internet and were hard to find
  • It just wasn’t cool since the iPhone and Android platforms came out

Back when the only smart phone options were Windows Mobile and Palm it was an acceptable device. But when Apple launched the iPhone they changed the game. And google played the game with Android but Windows Mobile stayed on the sidelines and suffered the consequences.

When I heard about Windows Phone 7 being a complete re-design from the ground up I was skeptical that Microsoft would be able to pull off an innovative and cool device. But low and behold… they did almost everything right!

Here are the TOP 10 reasons why I love my Windows Phone 7!

  1. No Multi Tasking
  2. Heat Sensitive Touch Screen
  3. Cool and Fresh User Interface
  4. Integrated Mobile Office Suite
  5. X-Box integration
  6. Zune Player for Podcasts and Music
  7. Visually Appealing Apps
  8. Simple and Easy to Use
  9. Organized around Hubs
  10. Multiple Exchange Email Support

So you may be wondering about a few of these. I’ll explain each one in detail now…

No Multi-Tasking On Windows Phone 7

Why would no Multi-Tasking be a good thing?

Shouldn’t that be on the list of things I hate about Windows Phone 7 instead? Noooooooo! Anyone who has used a Windows Mobile Device will appreciate what I’m saying here.

The old Windows Phones had true multi tasking. In fact, every program or application you opened would stay open in the background until you went into the system and killed it… This created a situation where the phone was constantly getting bogged down with running programs and Ahhhhhh!

So, when I heard that Microsoft would not be supporting Multi-Tasking in Windows Phone 7 it gave me more confidence in the product. The last thing Microsoft wants to do is introduce a product that has a freezing / locking up issue (again). They only get one chance to win back consumers so they better do it right.

I believe that not supporting multi-tasking is the right choice for the first version of Windows Phone 7. They will implement it once they know it is working properly, I’m sure.

Heat Sensitive Touch Screen on Windows Phone 7

I am very happy with the new “heat sensitive” touch screen on my HTC Surround.

Using a stylus on a smart phone is not a pleasant experience for me. With a stylus you can’t use the phone with one hand like you can with a heat sensitive touch screen. The downside of course is when your wearing gloves the touch screen won’t work. So if you wear gloves all the time then your out of luck with the new phone. Unless of course you cut the tip off the fingers of your gloves.

Cool and Fresh User Interface on Windows Phone 7

Creating a new user interface from scratch is a big job. And I didn’t think Microsoft would be able to bring out a platform that would compete with the iOS or Android. But they did it!

The WP7 interface is fresh, cool and innovative. The “live tiles” is a differentiator from other smart phones and the overall speed and simplicity of the device makes for a pleasurable experience navigating the phone. It is intuitive and easy to use. Top marks from me for the UI.

Integrated Mobile Office Suite included in Windows Phone 7

The new Windows Phone 7 platform includes Microsoft Office Mobile Edition. Familiar programs like Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point are native to the phone. You don’t need to download a documents app to read, edit and / or create documents in Windows Phone 7. Microsoft One Note is also included which is a handy application although I personally don’t use it. I prefer Evernote although the evernote application is NOT available on Windows Phone 7 as I write this :(. But it is coming soon :).

X-Box Mobile included in Windows Phone 7

For me, X-Box Mobile is not a big deal but for some people this is an awesome feature of WP7. Gamers can use their X-Box Avatars in Windows Phone 7 and earn achievements and badges, etc. I’ve been trying some of the games on my HTC Surround and they are very cool.

Zune Player in Windows Phone 7

Having a Zune player is awesome if you listen to podcasts.

When I had my iPhone it synced seamlessly. New podcasts come and played podcasts go automatically. Then I defected to Android and the new podcasts would come to the phone but the old podcasts stayed on the phone. The problem is the Android audio player does not mark the file as played. A big pain in the butt to manually delete every listened to podcast episode. If your like me and listen to a ton of podcasts it is a big deal and a major problem.

Since I’ve had my WP7 with Zune it has worked perfectly. New podcasts come in and old episodes automatically are removed. Perfect!

My only complaint is the Zune Marketplace in Canada does not have Podcast search available. It is coming soon but for now we have to enter the RSS feed manually. Not convenient but hopefully only a temporary situation.

All in all… great to have a Zune player in the device.

Visually Appealing Apps in Windows Phone 7

The apps in Windows Phone 7 are visually stunning. When I saw the IMDb app on WP7 I was blown away. It is a great looking app and is easy to navigate. Other apps have the same qualities. I’m very happy with the apps so far. Although I have a few complaints ( availability of apps and price ) but that is a top for another post!

Windows Phone 7 is Simple and Easy to use!

One of the best features of the Windows Phone 7 is its ease of use. Leo Laporte said the Windows Phone 7 is the first smart phone that he would recommend to his mother. I have no problem recommending a Windows Phone 7 to a technophobe because it literally is easy to use.

Windows Phone 7 is organized around Hubs

Hubs help keep everything organized and easy to navigate.

The Hubs include People, Music and video, Photos, Games and Office. No matter where you go within the phone it is always easy to get into one of the hubs.

The people hub, for example, pulls information from facebook and allows users to respond and interact with people from within the People Hub. Very cool! Information is updated “live” so you know you are always getting up to date info on your contacts. The phone is well organized and user friendly.

Windows Phone 7 has Multiple Exchange Server support

This is great if you have a gmail account, msn or hotmail, corporate exchange server email or other exchange supported email accounts. You can sync emails (push), calendars and other content using Microsoft Exchange Server. Awesome to have on the phone!

So, that is it. The Top 10 reasons why I love my Windows Phone 7… of course there are some shortcomings to this phone and some reasons why I don’t like the phone. Stay tuned for another post where I go over the top things I don’t like about the phone.

Do you have a Windows Phone? What do you like (or dislike) about Windows Phone 7 ?

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    • Rob

      Well, I certainly did learn a lot from your article. How many apps are currently available?
      Live it LOUD!

    • Andrew

      There are currently almost 7000 apps for Windows Phone 7 but there will be a

      ton more very soon.

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    • yan

      It’s fast. 😉

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